Gypsum Products

El-Etahad Gypsum
Baraqan Plaster
Alfa Gypsum
Aqrab Gypsum
Medical Stucco Plaster

Gypsum Building Materials Products

Alfa Fill
Alfa Mortar
Alfa Top
Borg Mortar 3x1
Borgitto Paste 150
Borg Skim
Alfa Decor
Borg Fix Yellow
Borg Fix Blue
Al Borg

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Handling and storage measures and procedures

• Ensure the cleanliness of mixing containers and tools used and permanently dispose of any residues of previous mixing processes.

• When mixing with water, the following factors are taken into account: operating environment temperature, humidity and thickness of the layer to be operated.

• The cleanliness of the water used in the mixing process and not contaminated with any foreign substances that may affect the quality and specifications of the product.

• Store the product in a dry atmosphere away from any sources of moisture so as not to spoil the product.

• It is preferable to cover the product with suitable covers to protect it from weather conditions.

• Close the rest of the bag well in case it is not used to protect it from weather conditions and humidity factors in order to maintain the stability of product specifications.