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Chairman's Message

The company was founded in 2002 and has worked since the establishment of the company to enter into multiple fields, starting with the field of public supplies, then contracting and transportation work, then entered the field of manufacturing by establishing a factory for gypsum and its derivatives in the new city of Borg El Arab and a station for mixing ready-mixed concrete in Matrouh in order to contribute to development and also contribute to the country's plan and provide market needs, works with me a team of the most efficient administrative, technical and financial experts, competencies working with me in the modernization and development of the company and entering into new industrial projects that raise the level of The company among the giant companies...

Mr. Nagy Ibrahim JuwaidaCEO

Who We Are

The Arab Union For Gypsum Factory is belongs to Arab Union Group for Public Supplies, Contracting Works, Transport and Petroleum Services, it is a company specialized in all the activities specified in its founding contract and the company has entered the field of manufacturing and mining by establishing:

• Factory in the new city of Borg El Arab in the fourth industrial zone for the manufacture of gypsum and its derivatives.

• A ready-mixed concrete mixing station in Marsa Matrouh.

Arab Union Company is also one of the most important export companies.

The company is registered in the Federation of Egyptian Industries (Chamber of Building Materials) No.: 2222 and also registered in the Federation of Construction and Building Contractors... Membership number: 35090.

Company Objectives

• Exploitation of national mineral resources in an economic manner.

• Production of gypsum of all kinds and gypsum derivatives of building materials according to Egyptian and international specifications using the latest equipment and environmentally friendly technology.

• Contribute to meeting the needs of domestic consumption and increasing the number of foreign markets for export.

• Contribute to the development of construction work inside Egypt.

Company Vision

Increasing production in the coming years to meet the needs of the Egyptian markets in line with the progress in the urban field and increasing the number of companies that import our products.


We have a quarry and gypsum material in high quantities used in cement factories.

Our Projects

We have contracted with various companies and factories that rely on gypsum manufacturing such as:

Glass factories

Sugar factories

Fertilizer factories

Cement factories

Factories & workshops of cornices, gypsum decorations and sculptures

Sanitary ware, porcelain and porcelain factories

Pharmaceutical companies and hospitals

Finishing and construction companies