Cement Mixing Sector


Nagymex Mixing Factory

Ready Mix Concrete Plant at Matrouh Nagimix:

  1. (plain concrete) used in the work of concrete mattresses under the foundations as well as in the production of blocks not exposed to tensile stresses as well as works of floors and dams and resistance range from 150 kg / cm2 to 200 kg / cm)
  2. As well as compatibility equilibriums (a common concrete common with reinforcing steel to resist tensile procedures, which must take into consideration the compatibility between the stresses and interactions in both iron and concrete and resistance range from 250 to 400 kg / cm2)
  3. Precast concrete is a type of ordinary concrete which is subjected to pressure measures before loading. These loads can withstand the tensile procedures resulting from the impact of the loads and therefore do not need reinforcing steel. The final result of the stresses along the sector after the operation is often pressure stresses.
  4. Sulfate resistant concrete (resistant from 150 kg / cm2 to 400 kg / cm2)
  5. Silicavium Concrete (Silicavium) Increases concrete action and resistance from 150 kg / cm2 to 400 kg / cm2)
  6. Foam or light Concrete is a concrete with a weight of less than 2000 kg / cm3 and the purpose of its use is to reduce the weight of origin and thus reduce the cost of foundations .. The production capacity of the plant 80 m3 / h .. The station 10 cars mixer and 2 concrete pump.)