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The company provides the product delivery service to customers in all governorates of the Republic to facilitate the transport and shipping operations and ensure the arrival of the product properly to the customers by contracting with the best companies for trade and transport which is a leading company in the transport of cement and gypsum and their derivatives because of its fleet of transport vehicles and transport service also includes transport inside and outside the republic

Also we have consulting service and packaging service.

Chairman Welcome Note


 The company was established in 2002 and has worked since the establishment of the company to enter into many fields started in the field of public procurement and then contracting and transport and then entered the field of manufacturing and the establishment of a gypsum plant and its derivatives in the new city of Burj Al Arab and ready mix concrete plant in Matrouh to contribute to development and also contribute to the state plan and reimbursement The needs of the market and working with me team of the most efficient administrative and financial expertise to work with me in the modernization and development of the company and enter into new industrial projects raise the level of a company among the giant companies … I invite you to complete browsing our site and identify the Board and the team For the company and the company’s various activities.

Mr. Naji Ibrahim Joudeh

About Us

The Arab Union Company for General Supplies, Contracting, Transport and Petroleum Services is a specialized company in all activities specified in its establishment contract…The company entered into the field of manufacturing and mining by establishing a factory in the new city of Burj Al Arab in the fourth industrial zone for manufacturing gypsum and its derivatives. Prefabricated concrete in Marsa Matrouh city. Also in the field of mining, import & export.

The most important activities of the company:

1-Procurement and transport work

2-Contracting works

3-Mining works and quarries

4-Gypsum manufacture and derivatives

5-Ready-made concrete

6-Road works

The company was registered in the Federation of Egyptian Industries (Building Materials Chamber) No.2222 Also registered in the Union of Construction and Construction Contractors membership number

Our Products

Borgito Paste 150
(foundation paste for walls)

Gypsum Setting Peaster
(gypsum plaster for the local market)

Coating Plaster BORG MORTR 3x1
(to use on all types of bricks and concrete)

Sinai Gypsum – Export
(plaster of pasis for export)

Gypsum Plaster
(gypsum for medical purposes)

Al-Barqan Gypsum
(gypsum plaster for the local market)

Gypsum Medical Purposes – Borg Bandge
(gypsum manufacture of medical ligaments)

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